Normal Abdominal Measurements (Ultrasound)


  • 5cm SAG, 16cm TRV, 15cm AP
  • Size may vary with patient’s height
  • Hepatic veins - less than 1cm
  • Portal veins RT & LT less than +/- 0.2cm
  • Main portal vein 9-13mm



  • 8-9cm SAG, 5cm TRV, 5cm AP
  • Wall less than 3mm



  • CBD 6mm, CHD 4mm,
  • Also dependent on patient age, CBD can dilate up 1mm per decade, especially after a cholecystectomy


  • Head 2.5cm, Body 2.0cm, Tail 2.0cm
  • Measurements done in AP
  • Pancreas duct - in head 3mm, in body 2mm



  • 9-13cm SAG, 4-5cm TRV, 2.5-4.0cm AP
  • Cortex no less than 1cm
  • Size may vary with patient’s height



  • Normal up to 2.5cm, ectatic from 2.5cm to 3cm, and aneurysmal 3cm and over
  • Bifurcation 1.5cm in AP
  • Common iliac >1.0 cm =aneurysmal



  • varies dependent on phase of respiration
  • Deep inspiration may increase size of IVC



  • 12cm SAG, 7cm TRV, 5cm AP
  • 12- 14cm mild, 14-16cm moderate, and >16cm is massive splenomegaly


  • 4-6cm SAG, 2-3cm TRV, 4-6mm AP

Pediatric Measurements (< 16 years old) ***

  • Differs based on age (reference values for liver, spleen and kidneys:

Pediatric Abdominal Normal Values


Echogenicity Ladder

(Most echogenic to least echogenic in normal patients)

Renal Sinus > Pancreas > Spleen > Liver > Renal Cortex